Where Compassion Meets Understanding

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Connect with someone who "gets it"

It can be scary to come out to your healthcare professionals, not knowing what kind of response you will receive. When you believe you must explain or defend your identity and culture, it can leave you feeling misunderstood or judged.  This is why I have intentionally created an atmosphere where you feel safe and accepted exactly as you are.  Since my own coming out, it has been my dream to provide a place of healing for the LGBTQ+ community.  I have compassion for you as your counselor and understanding as a fellow queer person.  I will respect the experience and expression of your gender, sexual, and romantic identities.  

Through the lens of intersectionality, I understand that I still have privilege in many ways.  I acknowledge that I am a cisgender white woman and may not be able to relate to your specific and unique experiences.  However, I will try to understand you.  I do not expect you to do the emotional labor of explaining things to me that I may not know.  I want to dismantle the power dynamic between us as much as I can.  In return, I hope that you can trust me with who you are.  I will continue to do the inner work necessary to lay the groundwork for a safe and trusting relationship.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.